NextRoll has some impressive women employees in our ranks. In our new Ambitious Women Spotlight series, we aim to highlight these talented individuals who work here – a chance for them to share their career journey, aspirations and what it means to be ambitious in work and life.

Q&A with Lizzie Chapman, VP of Business Development for NextRoll Platform Services

For our first spotlight, we talked to Lizzie Chapman, VP of Business Development for NextRoll Platform Services. A veteran in marketing technology for over a decade, Lizzie joined NextRoll to lead our Platform Services business unit which empowers ambitious companies to grow beyond their core offering by providing developer tools that enable monetization, automation and activation of their data, inventory and other rich assets.

What has been your career progression?

I started my career 11 years ago as a campaign manager at an ad network in Boston called Burst Media. While at Burst, programmatic media started to emerge and I took on DSP partnerships moving into a business development role where I began to see just how big programmatic could be. From Burst, I moved on to OpenX and to New York where I continued to manage DSP partnerships and saw the programmatic world shifting towards video. When I got the opportunity to lead a brand new programmatic offering for Teads, an outstream video provider, I was very excited to build their platform from the ground up with a new innovative format. Teads is where I honed in on developing business and GTM strategies. Then I took a little detour away from ad tech to the agency side at Vayner Media, where I had the opportunity to oversee a wonderful 30 media person team and recognized the enjoyment and fulfillment in helping individuals develop and grow.

What are you most excited about working at NextRoll?

My role at NextRoll combines my two biggest professional passions of bringing a new offering to the market and building and developing a team. I’m excited to grow relationships with our customers through education, tools and products that truly allow them to have a competitive mar-tech platform to scale their business with and deliver value to their customers. I’m even more excited to develop a team environment that allows for authenticity, resilience and growth individually and collectively.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for NextRoll Platform Services in the upcoming months?

A few players have dictated a lot of the mar-tech industry narrative in recent years and with impending changes to cookies there are a lot of open questions on what marketing will look like. NextRoll Platform Services empowers companies to build their own marketing technology and in doing so allows them to be the narrator of their story during these unclear times. Our biggest opportunity is to step in and help our customers efficiently build performance centric platforms at scale to allow them to remain competitive, provide alternative marketing solutions to brands and even grow as the industry rapidly evolves.

What are your career aspirations?

My aspirations are lofty. I would like to help others find ways to bring vulnerability and resiliency into their professional lives. I think it’s something many people strive for in their personal lives, but do not always have the opportunity to do so at work. I not only believe it will help people be their whole selves in every part of their day, but it leads to better business outcomes. I’m excited for the opportunity to bring this energy to NextRoll and ultimately aspire to bring this to as many people as I can.

What does ambition mean to you?

To me, ambition means the willingness and excitement to try things even when you know they may fail. I try to employ ambition in all aspects of life whether it’s taking on a new role and product offering like, Platform Services, going off a cliff skiing that’s four feet higher than I’ve ever dropped before, trying to meditate for a whole 20 minutes, teaching my dog a new trick or feeling an emotion that’s scary to me. Sometimes the failure is really hard, but I’ve found that failure is not only survivable, it typically leads to more insightful learning than success. It’s important to remember, 100% of the shots you don’t take, don’t go in, so if you never try, you’ll never know all of the amazing things you’re capable of doing. I often find myself saying “Why don’t I just try it, if it doesn’t work, I have tomorrow to try something new” and being an adrenaline junkie definitely helps me here.

How do you maintain work/life balance?

I don’t love the phrase work/life balance because work is just such a large part of our adult lives. I prefer to attempt to find balance in each day or week in whatever is holding my attention or, more importantly, whatever shouldn’t be holding my attention. The main way I try to find a balance is to work at companies and create environments where I feel like I and others’ can be their authentic selves while at work because balance gets a lot easier when you get to be you for your entire day. I also make sure to carve out time regardless of how busy my day is. In order to do this, I wake up at 5:30am each day, go to Crossfit, followed by the dog park, meditation and journaling and then get ready listening to a podcast. This provides about 2 1/2 hours of me time before I even open my laptop. I’ve found that prioritizing time as soon as I get out of bed sets me up for whatever the day may bring whether it’s full of meetings, a client dinner or a late night of working and avoids having to make tough choices like leaving work to get to the gym versus finishing a project. It’s important to me that each person on my team finds a way for their “me time” that works well for them.

What words do you live by?

“Love everywhere I’m at.” Gratitude and patience can sometimes be a struggle for me, but when I find ways to appreciate the moment even when I really have to work for it, I gain patience and often even enjoy that moment or learn a valuable lesson.

“Imperfections can be hidden superpowers.” As an overachiever, I can become frustrated when I don’t perceive myself as “perfect” or notice a “fault” I feel is ingrained in who I am. What I’ve learned over time is that these imperfections or faults can become my superpowers if I get curious about them. I tend to be a caregiver/codependent, which can often lead me to not pay attention to my own needs or get wrapped up unnecessarily in others’ needs, but it also gives me empathy for others and when I balance taking care of myself and finding the right moments to lean into empathy, I can foster an environment at work where people feel comfortable being themselves or making mistakes and growing from it. Another example, is that I tend to be obsessive, which is easy to see the downfalls in, but my logical obsessions can lead me to think about a solution to a problem as I spin it through my head over and over again. I’m constantly striving to be curious about my default emotions and actions and in that curiosity I can discover and find the balance of these imperfections to unleash the superpowers they create for me and others around me. Some days I succeed and other days I don’t, but each day I get the opportunity to try again. I also love helping others recognize how wonderful and powerful their “imperfections” are and have the potential to be.

What’s your superpower?

I think we all have countless superpowers just waiting to be unleashed in little and big ways. If I had to pick one, I would land on resilience and it’s not a superpower that I’ve come by easily. For a long time, I’ve been able to tolerate discomfort in challenging situations with a calm and collected fashion whether it’s a bad interaction, a work crisis or a personal loss, but what I’ve really been able to tap into over the last few years is the underlying vulnerability that true resilience requires. Opposite to withstanding discomfort through pure logical reactions, I’ve become a lot more curious about my emotions and behaviors throughout the process. I’m able to be vulnerable in the way I feel about something or put an idea out there that might not be popular even when I know I may not get the reaction I’d like. This allows me to make difficult decisions, challenge others’ and be honest about my behaviors even when they are wrong and at the end of the day, month or year being this vulnerable not only allows me to be my true self, but always leads me to my most fulfilling moments.

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