Retargeting may have started as a niche marketing strategy designed to drive sales, but European marketers are discovering new ways to use retargeting and programmatic marketing to hit every goal from brand awareness to greater customer insight. So how exactly are European marketers using retargeting and how will these trends shape their marketing strategies in 2015 and beyond?

We at AdRoll partnered with research company Qualtrics to find out. Surveying 250 marketers from the UK, Germany, France, and Ireland, across various industries, we found that European marketers are seeing real ROI from this technology and are ready to double down on their investments.

Some highlights from the report include:

  • 64% of marketers plan to increase retargeting budget in 2015.
  • Marketers are now using retargeting for more than just driving sales. Three in five European marketers rank brand awareness as their top retargeting objective (60%), followed by driving sales (57%) and customer retention (51%).
  • More than half the marketers we surveyed have gone mobile (56%)—yet 44% are still not retargeting on mobile.
  • 30% of marketers say social media is the single hottest topic in retargeting.

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By serving the right ad to the right person at the right time, retargeting has become an integral part of the marketer toolkit for turning intent data into real results. Retargeting isn’t just keeping pace with other marketing tactics—it’s leading the way.

Find out how your strategy stacks up against the industry: Download the full report.