Nothing is more top of mind for marketers than attribution. And for good reason; it’s a crucial element of how marketers spend their budgets. Getting attribution wrong makes it difficult to allocate your marketing budget to the most impactful channels and strategies.

Attribution’s complexity has left marketers with a lot of unanswered questions. Should you measure only the first click or the last click? What about views, and how long should you wait to give credit to user activity?

In light of those unanswered questions, we’re excited to announce the release of AdRoll’s Blended Attribution Playbook.

Complete with a brief history of attribution and data-backed insights and A/B tests, we uncover how adopting a blended-attribution model can provide a more complete look into the success of your marketing campaigns.

Highlights from the guide:

  • The evolution of attribution for display advertising.
  • The differences between last-click and view-through conversions and why last-click attribution may not tell the whole story.
  • Recommendations for ideal lookback windows by industry and how to evaluate view-through conversions.
  • Data-backed A/B tests that show the impact of retargeting on customer conversion rates.

AdRoll - The Blended Attribution Playbook.pdf copy

To learn more about measuring the impact of your advertising, download the full Blended Attribution Playbook.