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We sat down with David Goodman, Digital Marketing Manager at Social Tables, to discuss his experience in digital marketing and lead generation.

AdRoll: Tell us about yourself, David. What kind of activities are you driving at Social Tables?

David: I’m the Digital Marketing Manager at Social Tables, and online lead generation is my main focus. My day-to-day at Social Tables revolves around pulling the right levers to increase lead volume while improving lead quality. Those levers include paid advertising, landing page conversion rate optimization and organic SEO.

AdRoll: Tell us about Social Tables. What’s the company’s mission, and where are you headquartered?

David: Social Tables is the number one software for planners and properties. We focus on collaboration to help event teams come together without software getting in the way.

Social Tables HQ is in Washington, D.C., and we have regional offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, London, and Singapore.

AdRoll: How did you come to work with AdRoll? Tell us why you decided to invest in performance display advertising?

David: We needed a retargeting solution that would be able to run across the web as well as Facebook. Having worked with AdRoll in the past and seen great results, it was an easy choice.   

AdRoll: What products are you currently using?

David: We are using web retargeting, Facebook retargeting, and AdRoll Prospecting, and we are about to launch Instagram retargeting.

AdRoll: What kind of results have you seen?

David: We are generating leads at a cost per lead (CPL) that is 42% lower than our average CPL outside of AdRoll. AdRoll leads are converting into revenue at a higher rate than of any other advertising vendor we are working with.

AdRoll: What is your biggest challenge as a marketer this year?

David: Our biggest challenge this year is understanding how to measure our marketing success from a multi-touch attribution perspective. Learning about the impact that each digital touchpoint has within our entire online ecosystem will help us better understand where to invest our time and money.

AdRoll: What are you most excited about in 2016?

David: There are a few things that I am equally excited about, so I will have to tell you all of them. I am really excited that ad blocking “went viral.” It has forced marketers and publishers to create better advertisements with the end user in mind. With the direction things were heading in, I think our industry needed a wake-up call like that. I am also very excited about how marketers will reach their audiences in new ways, through things like VR, chat bots, and Facebook Live.

AdRoll: What have you learned about your customers through retargeting?

David: We have learned that some of our customers need to be presented with various offers and calls to action (CTAs) in order to convert.

AdRoll: What approaches in digital advertising have brought you the most success (e.g., creative, CTAs, style, tone)?

David: Having a really tight user journey—from audience targeting to ad copy and creative and landing page copy.

AdRoll: What advice would you give brands that are just starting out with display advertising?

David: You need to clearly define your objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs). Also, understand that display advertising is very different from paid search and other forms of direct-response advertising. Both [display and direct-response] are very valuable, and they also complement each other.

To learn more about Social Tables and discuss your digital marketing strategy, email our team.