New customer acquisition is undoubtedly important for digital marketers, and we wanted to better understand how advertisers are approaching it. We surveyed advertisers across industries to see what tactics they’re using to drive new customers, which channels deliver the strongest performance, where budget is being allocated, and how marketers think about attribution.


  • Paid Search is still the #1 channel for new customer acquisition, but marketers are starting to see traction across paid social and content marketing
  • Marketers are serious about finding new customers, with more than half investing 25% or more of digital dollars on upper-funnel programs to drive new users.
  • Advertisers agrees that CPA, ROI and conversion metrics are most important when measuring campaign performance
  • While single-touch attribution models still prevail, almost ⅔ of advertisers are looking to move toward a multi-touch model in the next 6 months.


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