Getting Married

I recently got married to the best guy ever. The wedding planning was a little more than I bargained for, however. Thankfully, as a marketer, I had a great GTM – “Go to Marriage” plan, to keep me in check. For the launch date of October 3, 2015, here’s how I kept sane.

Clearly Define Your Success Metrics

As with any successful launch, it’s important to first define your metrics with your key stakeholder; your fiance. These were ours:

  • 200 Happy attendees  
  • 1,000 Drinks consumed
  • No bridal meltdowns
  • 1 Awesome marriage

Understand Who Your Stakeholders Are

It’s important to understand your stakeholders. I always like the RACI model, which for wedding planning, is as follows:

  • R: REALLY want to be involved
  • A: Ask questions about everything, despite being communicated to multiple times
  • C: Can’t be reached when you need them
  • I: I couldn’t have done it without them

You may not know it when you start out, but your loved ones, vendors—even your future spouse—will fall into one of these categories.

Understand the Risks At the Start, Plan Around Them


Thankfully, the weather cooperated.

You’ve read the almanacs. Consulted your psychic. Obsessively asked your wedding planner if she thinks it will rain on your wedding day. Despite all of these assurances, having a solid (indoor) backup plan is key.

Create Visually Appealing Launch Content


Good branding and messaging is worth the time investment.

Allow more time than you think you need to create branded content with a consistent visual element. Branded content may include a website, invitations, decor and swag.

Test, Test, Test

Test the viability of the components of your launch at multiple dress fittings, venue walkthroughs, and meal tastings. More champagne, please.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Launch

Once it’s launch day, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the day! Any crises can be deferred to your maid of honor, as you’re officially off the clock. Congrats!


Mary and her husband, Patrick, on their traditional first steps post-launch.

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