Last night our own Suresh Khanna, VP of sales at AdRoll, participated in a panel discussion at RocketSpace on ‘Innovation: From Product to Monetization’, put on by the folks over at Betts Recruiting and the Founders Network. Suresh was joined by a number of other sales leaders and founders, including Kevin Zellmer, VP of biz dev at Hearsay, Jerry Clarno, VP of major accounts at Box, Erik Kostlenik, VP of sales at, and many more. The panel was moderated by TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha, who has written about AdRoll on a number of occasions.

The discussion was a rich one and focused on how to develop a sales and hiring strategy that drives real revenue. The panelists shared lots of insights. Here are some popular sound bites from the discussion:

‘Product and sales should have blowout battles… then get a beer. They need to be best friends.”
— Kevin Zellmer of Hearsay

‘Before making your first sales hire, you need to make sure your structure is sound.”
— Erik Kostlenik of Identified

“When deciding to hire someone or not, culture fit is important first and foremost.”
Suresh Khanna of AdRoll

The event had a great turnout, with over 250 attendees. Thanks to everyone who came out to help make the panel a success!