The best marketers supplement their human insight and industry expertise with split-second machine learning and programmatic bidding. With advertising technology advancing at a rapid rate and consumer buying habits becoming increasingly complex, what’s next for the industry?

We invited some thought leaders to weigh in for our State of the Industry Report by answering the question, “What will retargeting/programmatic display look like five years from today?” Here’s what they had to say:

As we gain access to more data, we can target better and serve more relevant, targeted ads—in a way that’s not annoying—across the whole channel. Even TV ads will get more targeted: you could be part of chain that follows you from your computer to your phone to your TV, and back to the phone call where someone can speak to you directly,

— Mike Tomita, senior program manager of web marketing at Marketo.

In the next few years, we’ll see plenty of innovative newcomers. Proximity marketing should catch a nice wave—think in-store beacon hit leading to a sequence of “come back, we miss you” messaging with suppression rules in case they bought online.

— Ryan Bonifacino, VP of digital strategy at Alex and Ani.

We surveyed 1,000 marketers across a variety of industries to uncover what else advertisers want and expect in the years to come:

SOTI blog #3 image

Marketers’ visions for the future run to a common theme: capturing customer intent and being able to use it effectively.

For more on retargeting trends, download: State of the Industry: A close look at retargeting and the programmatic marketer.