Even though marketers tend to discuss social and mobile as separate things, customers don’t draw the same distinction. People are far more likely to check their favorite social platform from a mobile device, and social media apps are some of the most popular ways to use mobile devices. In the US, the average consumer spends over an hour on social networks every day, more than half of it on mobile devices.

The lines between mobile and social campaigns are blurring as consumer media consumption shifts to the smartphone and native ad formats are increasingly becoming the norm. So how are advertisers approaching mobile and social from a programmatic perspective?

We surveyed 1,000 US marketers across industries to see how advertisers are approaching cross-channel and cross-device retargeting:

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So what does this mean for advertisers? It means that you should be considering the mobile experience every time you launch a social campaign, and that paid social media needs to be part of your larger mobile strategy.

For more on how advertisers are retargeting on social and mobile, download: State of the Industry: A close look at retargeting and the programmatic marketer.