Marketers know that bringing in new customers is crucial to growing revenue, yet there are thousands of potential customers who haven’t seen your site. How do you reach out to a prospect before they know even know they’re interested?

AdRoll Prospecting predicts new audiences with in-market data and powerful machine learning algorithms that serves your ads to users most likely to convert. It’s a customer acquisition platform that intelligently scours our enormous database of 1.2 billion digital profiles and hundreds of thousands of actions and interests to find your best prospects. We’ve seen that Prospecting audiences are 30 percent more likely to visit at least three pages—on average—and are more likely to convert than typical site visitors. Here’s how it works.

We Start By Analyzing Your Customers’ Interests and Behavior

Take a pretend business——as an example.

Emma runs, a web storefront that sells, well, backpacks. Emma is looking to sell more, so first she embeds some javascript code on her page that enables AdRoll to analyze the behavior of visitors to


We Find Matching Prospects With Common Interests and Behaviors

Then, a customer visits and buys a backpack.

Prospecting will then look at the customer’s user data to find actions they’ve made on other sites enrolled in AdRoll Prospecting. That includes purchases this customer has made on, items they’ve added their cart on, events they’ve signed up to attend—like the RollTown Photography Conference—their location—RollTown—and browsing interests.

Then, Prospecting will compare this to user behavior in the IntentMap™—our data co-op filled with over a billion high-quality users who have purchased before, across verticals and geographies. From there, we find users who share the most significant behavior, interests and location in common.

Prospecting Predicts New, Complimentary Audiences

A portion of the group that buys and behaves just like this customer turn out to be photographers, many of whom have attended the same photography conference. Emma’s backpacks, which Prospecting has discovered are of interest to photographers, are advertised across the web and mobile devices.

Prospecting has revealed that photographers, who at first glance might not have a lot in common with backpack buyers, have a real need to securely—and fashionably—store their array of pricey photography equipment. discovers a new audience and decides to make a dedicated photography backpack.

This is what I find to be the most compelling benefit of Prospecting. Instead of assumptions, we use behavioral data patterns—who our audience is, how they behave and where they interact online—to predict a surprising new audience.

We are excited to help you unlock new audiences for your business—sign up for Prospecting here.