The first step toward succeeding this holiday season is knowing where and when your customers are shopping.

Key themes for 2015 include the continued reign of mobile as an essential tool to connect with shoppers as they research and shop on the go, and social media marketing to influence purchase decisions on the platforms consumers use to find the perfect gift.

Check out our infographic for the holiday trends you’ll need to get right.

Key Takeaways:


More consumers are taking advantage of online shopping to nab holiday deals. Last year, total e-commerce sales on Thanksgiving Day were 25% above 2013’s. Throughout the holiday weekend, consumers continued to rely heavily on online shopping for purchases.

In 2014, nearly half of all online shopping traffic came from mobile and 56% of in-store sales were influenced by mobile activity. Mobile accounted for 23% of total online sales and for nearly half of total online traffic. Purchases on mobile devices jumped 27.2% year over year.

A recent study showed that a brand’s own posts on its social media pages have a greater influence on consumer purchasing behavior than interactions on any other channel, including search engines and retail websites.

Social networks give brands a direct line to extremely engaged consumers. Retargeting on social gives you access to some of the largest audiences online and lets you take advantage of native tools, such as shares, likes, and comments, to further expand your reach.

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