Last week, we saw a breakdown of Google’s first quarter under Alphabet. Major takeaways included:

  • Google is making significant strides in the increasingly important mobile market, with its earnings surging 45 percent to nearly $4 billion, or $5.73 per share.
  • Third-quarter revenue increased 13 percent to $18.68 billion, above the $18.53 billion that Wall Street expected
  • Alphabet said it will buy back up to US$5.09 billion of its Class C shares

AdRoll CMO Adam Berke joined Bloomberg to discuss these results:

The call marked the public debut of Sundar Pichai, the newly appointed chief executive of Google now responsible for running core search and advertising business. Pichai laid out three key areas of focus for the company: making information accessible and useful, building a large user base for its platforms and using its traditional advertising business to drive growth.

“Our Q3 results show the strength of Google’s business, particularly in mobile search. With six products now having more than 1 billion users globally, we’re excited about the opportunities ahead of Google, and across Alphabet,” Ruth Porat, CFO of Alphabet and Google, said in the company’s results announcement.

Parent-company Alphabet also authorized the company to repurchase up to $5.1 billion of Class C stock. Actually, it’s worth $5,099,019,513.59 — a reference to the square root of 26, the number of letters in the alphabet.

There was a substantial growth of mobile search revenue, complemented by contributions from YouTube and their programmatic business. Pichai said that programmatic “is an area that is on fire for us” and that the number of advertisers using its programmatic ad platform has doubled over the past year.

Google’s new ad products and marketing tools, launched in recent months, include a suite of shopping ads, search ads in the Play Store, customer matching from first-party CRM data and YouTube Red, its $9.99 monthly subscription service.

Porat says Alphabet will break out the revenue, profitability and capital expenditures of all of its businesses — dubbed “other bets” — in the fourth quarter.

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