AdRoll President and CMO Adam Berke joined Joyus CEO Sukhinder Singh Cassidy and Button co-founder Mike Dudas to discuss Google’s second-quarter earnings and Google mobile advertising with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg West”. Check out the video below:

Emily: Google has been getting killed in mobile advertising, particularly by Facebook. Are these numbers more reassuring?

Adam: Well, I think we’re in a situation where the entire pie is growing, so I don’t think I would classify Google as getting ‘killed’ in mobile advertising; they’re still extremely dominant. Certainly, what I think we’re seeing with Facebook is a new, very compelling option. So, the overall tailwinds in the mobile advertising space are growing rapidly, and Google continues to expand. They don’t have the monopolistic-type position they did in desktop search, but they’re still a very powerful force.

Emily: We heard Susan Wojcicki at the Fortune Brainstorm Conference earlier this week, and she talked about how well [Youtube] is doing, but also said a big acquisition could potentially be in the future. And Patrick Pichette spent a lot of time on the last call talking about how advertisers love Youtube. 

Sukhinder: I think it speaks to what’s happening in online video. On the one hand it is exploding, including on mobile devices. On the other hand that market is fragmenting, as we have seen from Twitch and Facebook video. So you have to be thinking about, as Susan Wojcicki, not the position you once had as the incumbent, but the position you might have in an increasingly fragmented world. In that case, the idea of buying assets that are gaining momentum behind them doesn’t seem to be a strange idea.

Adam: One of the greatest tailwinds we have going for us in the online digital advertising space right now is linear TV dollars moving to digital. Marketers are really enamored with any way that they can do that effectively, and Youtube is one of the only places you can go for that type of scale and quality of content. So yes, we always need to figure out how to innovate, what will be the next platform, and what the inherent risks are going forward.

What are your thoughts on Google’s role in mobile advertising moving forward? Let us know.