Advertising allows ideas and content to flow freely across the web by subsidising the free online experience consumers have come to expect. Here at AdRoll, we believe personalised advertising makes this browsing experience more relevant and rewarding for consumers. Trust and transparency have always been the foundation of this symbiotic relationship.

logo_CNILYou may have heard that, over the next few months, the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) will be auditing websites operating in their region to check for compliance with the EU’s ePrivacy Directive. The awareness campaign kicks off with European Cookies Sweep Day, which will take place September 15–19.

So what does European Cookies Sweep Day mean for advertisers with an online presence in Europe?

This week, the CNIL will audit websites operating in EU member states to confirm that they accurately describe the purpose of the cookies they collect and have consent policies and mechanisms in place for consumers across all web properties.

Some may think that an advertiser platform like AdRoll would shy away from topics like the EU Cookies Sweep Day. Instead, we embrace it. We’ve always made it a priority to educate advertisers on how to address user privacy concerns and comply with local policies.

EDAA logoWhile the full CNIL cookie policies are fairly extensive, our partners at The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) outlined some common themes that the CNIL will be monitoring for over the next few months:

  • The types of cookies used on website
  • The purpose(s) of the cookies
  • How old or obsolete cookies are used
  • Transparency and availability of consent mechanisms (if user consent is required)

Want to learn more?

Several of our friends in the industry have created in-depth resources to help companies make sure they’re compliant with the CNIL’s privacy standards:

At AdRoll, we’ve always believed that when you give users control, you add value to your brand.

We work with several industry organisations, including the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA), that are dedicated to educating and enforcing regulations on how consumer data is collected and used. We were one of the first adtech leaders to join the Evidon GreenLight™ Program to adopt industry self-regulation.

Even when it’s not a trending legal topic, we always encourage advertisers to address consumer privacy concerns. To create the most effective campaigns, we recommend taking a few extra steps to protect and inform customers:

  • Be transparent. Have a clear and accessible privacy policy that explains to users what information cookies collect, how this information is used, and how users can opt out of cookie tracking.
  • Be aware of frequency. By utilising algorithmic bidding technology, you can decrease bids on users that are unresponsive. You want to be relevant, not annoying.
  • Be a community advocate. There are many organisations that advocate and educate the industry on user privacy, like our partners at the EDAA. By aligning yourself with expert organisations, you can stay up-to-date with best practices and new policies.

Overall, we believe that performance marketing is about creating a better consumer experience. An open, transparent, and respectful privacy policy makes that experience possible.