One of the simplest ways to measure the success of your online display campaigns is to track click through conversions (CTCs), measuring customers who click an ad and then convert as a direct result. However, advertisers who also track view through conversions (VTCs) are able to measure those customers who didn’t click on an ad at the time they saw it, but did convert later.

In a recent study of 1,000 digital marketers in the US, we saw that the vast majority of marketers (93%) attribute view through conversions. Most attribute 10–25% of VTCs (within a 30-day window) and 100% of CTCs towards their campaign measurement.

Even if a customer gets distracted and doesn’t click an ad right away—or prefers to follow up on your offer in a different browser or on a different day—the ad has still served as a compelling reminder of your brand and may lead to return site visits.

We’ve taken a look at some common myths about view through conversions:WP_19OPT_v2

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