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We sat down with John Kim, Director of Acquisition Marketing at Credibly, to discuss his 10 years of experience in demand generation and acquisition marketing. John is a data-driven marketer focused on driving results with the highest ROI campaigns.

AdRoll: Tell us about Credibly.  What’s the company’s mission?

John: We’re a small business lender that lends across the whole business spectrum. When you need a loan to grow your business, you don’t have time to jump through the hoops of a traditional loan. You want a simple application process and flexible access to capital.

You want to be treated like a partner, not a transaction.

AdRoll: How did you come to work with AdRoll?

John: [We’re interested in] re-engaging our customers. The industry we’re in is very competitive. Our competitors are putting their dollars into digital marketing, including retargeting, and we knew we had to as well.

Not only that, but these types of programs can help with awareness and reinforce our branding. [We were] using a lot of paid search and digital programs to be top of mind during time of intent, but we realized we needed to be a part of the conversation during all stages of a business’ lifecycle—such as tax season.

AdRoll: What products are you currently using?

John: Facebook CRM; Web Retargeting; Facebook Retargeting; Web CRM.

AdRoll: What types of results have you seen?

John: With AdRoll we’re keeping top of mind to our site visitors. When it comes to hot content like our e-books; [they] re-engage them even when they aren’t necessarily looking for a loan.  We have seen a Facebook CPA of $34, web retargeting CPA of $55, and a Facebook retargeting CPA of $97—all of which are hitting our goals.

AdRoll: What was your biggest challenge as a marketer this year?

John: This past year, we went through a rebranding from Retail Capital to Credibly and during this process, the biggest challenge has been the competition. As an example, paid search went from $6 a click to 10 times that amount in one year. It’s hard in fintech—financial technology—to get a voice and a brand. Due to the large investment in fintech since 2013, it has been difficult to rise above the noise and stand out among the hundreds of existing competitors and new competitors cropping up every day. We want to be there every step of the way.

AdRoll: What are you most excited about in 2016?

John: We’re excited about utilizing our amazing data science capabilities and marrying that with our marketing campaigns so that we can be more proactive than reactive in our strategy.  More data gives us the ability to create predictive data and response models to apply to our marketing.

AdRoll: What would your advice be to other B2B marketers?

John: Don’t look at each marketing channel as an independent silo; think of them as pieces of a whole. Learn how your channels interact, and impact each other and you’ll boost your overall marketing performance.

To learn more about Credibly and discuss your digital marketing strategy, email our team.