Marketers are getting more out of their email lists with better messaging and increased personalization. As marketers get better about collecting and acting on first party customer data, they’re starting to see improved performance from email campaigns. Now, savvy marketers are taking this opportunity to further connect with customers outside the inbox, through CRM retargeting with ads across to the web and Facebook to amplify the effectiveness of email campaigns.

Why email is making a comeback

Over the last few years, retailers have started leveraging new technologies to factor in consumer taste and preferences in their email campaigns. Marketers are becoming increasingly data-driven, leveraging their own first-party data as a sophisticated way of maximizing email’s full potential.

The result is that email has become better and better for personalization, and is now being used to deliver customized messaging that appeals to the unique pathos of potential buyers. In the 5 days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday 2014, promotional emails drove 27.3% of total sales. Between organic search, paid search, and email marketing, email is the only channel that has shown increasing performance since 2012 in driving eCommerce sales.

Identifying customer intent

Retailers can use various tools and practices to allow customers to self-identify by email address. These instances of engagement can occur at any stage of the purchase funnel – on a pop-up to receive a coupon for first-time visitors, prior to shopping-cart checkout, or through login to a loyalty program.

Engagement at these different touchpoints is hugely valuable, and gives marketers insight into what their customers are thinking. Brands can then create customized marketing campaigns targeting those email segments with personalized messaging specific to the level of intent a prospect demonstrated.

Connecting email to display

Display retargeting leverages customer intent data in the same way, so marketers can smartly use the information they have about what customers want, to show them what they’re looking for.

With CRM retargeting, brands can re-engage users in their CRM database through display ads – both on web and Facebook -utilizing email addresses collected, without the uncertainty of whether customers will ever actually see the message.

CRM data onboarding allows advertisers to easily upload CRM data to their AdRoll dashboard and create retargeting segments out of their email lists. The results have been incredible – Kiehl’s, for example, drove increased conversion rate by 6.9x and ROI 380% by extending the reach of their CRM database beyond the inbox.

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CRM Retargeting for Retail

Here are some practical ways retail marketers can leverage CRM retargeting:

  1. Target in-store buyers: Use email addresses collected in-store to create previously impossible-to-create online segments.
  2. Engage email prospects: Export a list from your email campaign of people who opened an offer email, but didn’t convert. You know there’s interest – re-engage them to bring them back to your site.
  3. Reach seasonal customers: Target past seasonal visitors with special promotions.

Smarter marketing with data-driven decisions

You can take your CRM retargeting campaigns to the next level by creating smaller audience segments based on demonstrated levels of intent:

  1. Close warm leads: Higher up on the funnel would be a campaign to re-engage those who have elected to give an email through a pop up on the site, but never made it through to checkout. These “warm leads” are fantastic potential buyers as they have explored an advertiser’s site enough to opt-in to email, but maybe haven’t found exactly what they’re looking for, or it’s not the right time. Giving them a reason to buy in the form of a discount code or showing general branding ads.
  2. Convert high-intent users. These are users who provided an email at the time of checkout without completing a purchase. Target these users with specific product ads for items they looked at or similar ones you’d recommend.
  3. Customer loyalty segments: Many retailers have a customer loyalty program whereby customers login using an email address. CRM retargeting is a fantastic way to re-energize these most loyal buyers, and display seasonal deals, promotions, holiday specials or new product launches.

The customer intent data marketers are now collecting and utilizing through email has huge potential to be scored and intelligently acted upon. CRM Retargeting offers the ability to supercharge the email channel and discover even more ways to get value from your CRM database. It also allows for more integrated marketing helping bridge the gap between offline, email, and display campaigns.

Creating a CRM retargeting campaign is as easy as uploading a .csv file of your email list. Log in to your AdRoll dashboard or sign up for an account to try it out!

For more on how marketers can optimize campaigns to drive eCommerce sales, check out our free webinar: 2015 eCommerce Trends.