As B2B media budgets continue to grow, with an impressive 19.5% jump in digital media spend year over year, it’s important to understand how the ecosystem can affect your company’s performance.

67.2% of B2B companies plan to ramp up their digital marketing spend this year. We looked at the top trends and insights for B2B marketers in 2015 and have armed you with tips to maximize your ROI:

1. B2B marketers are embracing social and mobile, in addition to web

multi-device_largeAdvertisers see 229% more conversions with cross-platform, cross-device retargeting. In Q1, CPM costs for B2B inventory drop 8% between December and January, and costs remain low throughout February.

Now’s the time to maximize your impressions on mobile and social by taking advantage of low CPM costs in Q1. By capitalizing on low CPMs across multiple platforms, B2B marketers can reach larger audiences more cost-effectively, and drive increased conversions throughout the year.

2. B2B marketers are winning sales with full-funnel retargeting

funnel-06More B2B advertisers are using intent data to strategically segment potential customers based on their interests. 84% of B2B marketers have adopted segmentation for email marketing, though only one third segment display and paid social programs.

By segmenting users across all campaigns, marketers will gain more insight on what strategies work best for users at different stages of the purchase funnel. Due to the longer sales cycles for B2B, you can take your marketing to the next level by creating conversion segments for everything from content downloads to demo requests.

3. B2B marketers use tailored messaging to maximize results

78% of B2B marketers cite driving sales or leads as their organization’s primary marketing objective. Knowing what stage of the funnel users are at can help drive engagement using personalized messaging. For example, our advertisers see that ads targeting recent website visitors with free trials or content messaging drive 23% more clicks and 1.6x more conversions than other calls to action.

To help boost ROI, we recommend creating focused campaigns for different conversions segments around the type of content they’ve consumed thus far to drive clicks.

4. B2B marketers are increasingly data-driven

Tech B2B-01B2B marketers are continually improving strategies to collect and utilize data to better inform marketing and sales tactics. Forbes found that advertisers who adopt data-driven marketing are nearly 3x more likely to see increased revenues as a direct result; 74% of leaders in this area felt that data-driven strategies also lent them a competitive edge in customer engagement and loyalty.

In 2015, advertisers will look for even more ways to leverage customer intent data to target prospects. To get a head start, make sure you’re using a sophisticated attribution model to better understand how customers are engaging with your brand.

Armed with these insights, you should be off to an amazing Q1 this year.

For more B2B marketing tips, be sure to check out our webinar on demand: B2B Marketing Success: Aligning Marketing and Sales.