The time we spend online is spread across multiple devices, whether on our work computers reading the news or our smartphones scrolling through updates on Facebook’s app. It’s been well documented that we’re shifting our attention from device to device throughout the day.

This cross-device reality makes the road to conversion not a straight one for consumers. People are engaging with brands across multiple devices, within multiple settings, every day. The challenge for marketers is to ensure that our brands are constantly top of mind when consumers reach for their smartphones.

Let’s consider the following example:

Jane is the vice president (VP) of engineering for a large technology company.

As a marketer, you feel as though Jane will respond best to web ads across technology news sites. You go ahead and purchase some banner ads.

Now here’s the bit we all seem to forget.

When Jane leaves work, jumps on the train home and logs into her Facebook app, she is still the VP of engineering and her decision-making processes are still operating.

Keep your audience’s attention as they change devices

If you capture Jane’s attention while she’s at work reading a technology news site, that’s fantastic. But if you capture Jane’s attention while she’s traveling home and scrolling through Facebook, even better!

You’ve managed to get another touchpoint on Jane over your competitors and she is one step closer to conversion. 

So, if we know from our own behaviour that we spend a significant amount of time on our smartphones and tablets, why do marketers suddenly forget when we plan our digital media outreach?

It’s a common misconception that the device on which a user converts is the only device on which businesses should advertise. We also too often dismiss social media advertising under the misunderstanding that a product or service isn’t suitable for social media.

We need to stop pretending that we don’t know how real users behave online. It doesn’t make sense to target an individual across one single platform. Real people, just like you, are engaging with online media across a range of platforms, from social media apps to websites across both desktop and mobile devices.

It’s time to start advertising like it’s 2016 with AdRoll’s full-funnel, cross-channel, cross-device solution.