Marketers Guide to CES 2016

With three major virtual reality devices set to hit the market in 2016, look out for major advancements in VR at CES 2016.

Marketers are beginning to understand that the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) isn’t about flashy new electronics, it’s about new technology’s impact on the future of digital communication—how your audience interacts with your brand and the world at large. CES attendance by marketers has been on the rise in recent years.

If you count yourself amongst the tens of thousands of attendees at CES 2016, we have you covered with a survival guide for your time on the Las Vegas strip.

Check Out CES’ First Marketer-Exclusive Venue, C Space

This year’s CES marks the introduction of C Space, a side venue at the nearby Aria hotel devoted to marketers, advertisers, and publishers. The site will host its own exhibits, keynotes and conference tracks. The C Space Storytellers conference track is of particular interest to digital marketers, as it explores audience engagement with brands like Google and Spotify.

Look Out For Big News in These Three Cutting-edge Technologies

Over the show’s 48 years, CES has broke ground on Smart TVs, HDTVs, Blu-Ray and VCRs; all of which have brought massive changes to media consumption and consumer behavior. Look out for the following new technologies on the showroom floor to see new tools primed for engaging your customer base.

1. Virtual Reality’s Impact Gets Real

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg—one of AdRoll’s deeply rooted partners—said that VR is the next evolution of computing. Long the domain of science fiction and futurism, three VR devices from Oculus, Sony and HTC are slated to hit the market in 2016. Look out for announcements on the software that will bridge the divide between users and their new devices.

2. Gesture-based Interfaces Will Help Consumers Control IoT Devices 

Wearables were a hot topic at last year’s CES, and an impressive array of wearable devices are now bound for consumers this year. We’ll see the first wave of gesture-based interfaces designed to help consumers effortlessly pilot these new systems. This unlocks new potential for marketers looking to engage with their loyal customers in an interactive and personalized way.

3. Emotive Robotics Technology Offers a Peak at Your Customer’s Feelings

Pepper, the Japanese humanoid robot released in 2015, made enormous waves in the tech industry and garnered 263 million in funding from Foxconn and Alibaba. This technology allows devices to use various inputs —cameras, accelerometers, touch-based sensors—to read the emotions of those nearby and respond appropriately. While this technology is early, the implications of assessing the emotional state of consumers will inevitably provide a treasure trove of actionable data in the not-too-distant future.

Hang Out with AdRoll

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Check Out the Keynote Highlights

Leading visionaries from the tech industry will take the big stage at CES 2016. Don’t miss what they have to say about the future of their companies and consumer technology. These are a few of the most anticipated speeches.

Reed Hastings: Netflix’s CEO

  • January 6, 8:30 to 10 a.m., Palazzo Ballroom, Venetian

Hasting’s speech on the future of TV earlier this year, at the 2015 Re:publica conference, made waves by predicting the medium’s demise in the next two decades. Expect big things as Netflix pivots to content provider.

Robert Kyncl: YouTube’s Chief Business Officer 

  • January 7, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., Westgate Theater, Westgate

Kyncl delivered the Entertainment Matters keynote during the 2012 International CES, and is set to take the stage again Thursday.

Alison Lewis: Johnson & Johnson’s Global CMO 

  • January 7, 2 to 3 p.m., Westgate Theater, Westgate

Alison Lewis was brought on to Johnson & Johnson in 2013 from Coca-Cola. She has ushered a new wave of interest in corporate responsibility, winning a social responsibility award from the CMO Club. The topic of her speech has yet to be announced.

Finally, Check Your Expectations at the Door

With 3,631 exhibitors making big promises of the future, all surrounded by tens of thousands of attendees, CES will inevitably overload your senses. Check out your favorite speakers, companies and technologies, but you don’t have to see everything to have a good experience and make meaningful partnerships. There’s always next year.

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