Digital advertising and marketing has matured in greatly in the 15 years since AdWords was launched and last-click became the de facto attribution model.

Attribution models, for the uninitiated, are how marketers give credit to marketing successes. Last-click modeling gives all of the credit for a visitor converting, or purchasing, to the last advertisement they clicked on before they converted, or purchased.

However, this decades-old model is showing its age. Multi-touch models are gaining popularity, and for good reason. Spreading credit to various marketing channels, as opposed to one, gives markers a more realistic way of giving credit and budgeting marketing dollars.

We polled 1,050 marketers on how they deal with attribution, and how their attitudes have changed. In short, they’re getting smarter. We’ve compiled the results in the following infographic. Read on, and share if you like it:

AdRoll SOTI Infographic Attribution