For as often as we check our phones and work on our laptops throughout the day, it’s no surprise that social media is a vital channel for eCommerce marketers. In fact, nearly 20% of time spent across mobile and desktop is dominated by social sites.

Among these are Facebook and Instagram, two of the biggest social media platforms available to online retailers. If you’re thinking about advertising your store on social, we’ll show you why simultaneously running ads across Facebook and Instagram is a no-brainer. 

If you’re already familiar with Facebook ads, Instagram will be a breeze

As you may have already discovered, Facebook gives you a wealth of different options when it comes to making sure your ads are shown to the right people. You can easily narrow your focus to specific age groups, geographic locations, niche interests, and much more.

While you’re creating your Facebook ad, you can create an identical ad on Instagram in a few clicks using the same targeting options. While it is recommended, you actually don’t need an Instagram account for your store in order to advertise on the platform (though we do recommend marketing your store on Instagram through organic posts as well). Since adding social to your retargeting strategy can increase conversions up to 73%, create your Facebook and Instagram ads through AdRoll to compliment your web ad campaigns.

You’ll easily reach the growing number of people who are all about mobile

As mobile devices like smartphones and tablets become a bigger part of how people go online, tapping into that audience becomes increasingly important for marketers. The average person checks their mobile device dozens of times throughout the course of a day, and social media can take up a large portion of that time. 

Luckily for you, the savvy digital marketer, both Facebook and Instagram are optimized for mobile devices, and Instagram even prioritizes its mobile experience over desktop. In April of last year, 65.5% of Facebook users visit the site on mobile daily, and Instagram is almost entirely used on mobile.

Allows you to A/B test the two channels side-by-side

Since you can set up Facebook and Instagram ads in the same campaign by repurposing Facebook creative and retargeting options across both platforms, A/B testing which channel performs best for your store is even easier. In fact, we (Springbot) ran a social ads test like this to determine if Facebook or Instagram was more effective at driving traffic to our site. Because we were able to use the same creative, timing, and targeting options, we could quickly see which platform drove the most traffic for less (spoiler alert: Facebook generated 80% more clicks than Instagram for us, but your results may vary).

You’ll receive detailed analytics

Analyzing the results of your ads is critical to improving your strategy over the long run. Gather your key performance metrics like reach, engagement, likes, and more. This data will allow you to see what’s working, which will come in handy when creating your next ads. In fact, if you’re running your social ads through Springbot and AdRoll, you can quickly see performance metrics as well as sales that are generated by your social ads.

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