During my B2B marketing career, I’ve noticed one universal truth time and time again. Very few companies want to be first in the pool when it comes to adopting an emerging technology. Given this environment, I’m passionate about customer marketing campaigns—they’re a vital part of the marketing mix for Software as a Service (SaaS) businesses like Infer.

We’re always looking for new ways to shed light on the growing community of innovators who use our predictive intelligence to supercharge their sales and marketing technology stacks. That’s where account-based marketing (ABM) and AdRoll’s retargeting platform come in. My favorite use case for AdRoll is building trust for new technologies like ours by amplifying real-world proof of customer success via online channels. I love getting new voices out there and helping to grow the predictive category by driving awareness of their winning strategies.

Amplifying Your Customer Platform with B2B Retargeting

At Infer, we’ve built up our customer marketing program by collecting a variety of quotes and success metrics across different brands and personas. With AdRoll, we push that creative back to people who have visited our website to familiarize them with our customer community, which is one of our strongest differentiators.

For example, some of the creative we’ve used is below:

image05 image08 image07 image02 image00

With these display ads, we ran a few experiments to measure their impact and had some interesting findings. One recent quarter, we dialed back our regular media spend quite a bit and saw a corresponding drop in organic search traffic for the Infer brand search term. My hypothesis was that, even when people didn’t interact with our display ads, those who saw them still came back to Infer later via organic searches.

The next quarter, we proved that by dialing our budget up by 3x using the same ads. We saw an almost 20% increase in organic traffic and a 12% lift in overall search visibility as measured across all the keywords in our portfolio:

image03 image04

We didn’t see significant clickstream changes from our spend adjustments, so it was helpful to look at organic search and search visibility lift as another tangible way to measure impressions. By switching our mindset from performance marketing and a focus on conversions, to also looking at higher-level metrics, we were able to show the additional value we got from retargeting as part of our ABM strategy.

These customer-focused ads are so important because they let us tell another brand’s story versus just focusing solely on Infer. We showcase other great practitioners and their successes, while also promoting our product and driving people back to our customer page to explore other great content. In addition, we use retargeting to drive people to our G2 Crowd page, which is another valuable library of independent endorsements and user stories.


As we’ve evolved our advertising strategies, AdRoll also lets us easily test a lot of different messages. We can see which customer stories and personas are resonating with our audience the most and also get clues into additional content we should develop, such as more ads that feature certain types of spokespeople or companies.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series. Connect with Sean via Twitter @SZinsmeister or on LinkedIn.



Sean Zinsmeister is senior director of product marketing at Infer. He previously worked at Nitro, where he developed and led an award-winning global marketing operations team. You can reach him via Twitter @SZinsmeister or on LinkedIn.