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As many retailers know, the busiest time of year is around the corner. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays quickly approaching, we asked Dr. Martens’ Vice President of Digital, Kyle Duford, how he approaches the peak shopping season.

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AdRoll: When do you start planning for holiday sales?

Kyle: The strategy is baked by July 15. This year, I’m lucky to have great partners across the aisle in marketing—both in the US and the UK. That allows me and my team to plan every detail, every touchpoint, every day, and even — in the case of social and emails — every hour from November 1st to December 25th. It’s an extraordinary team. It takes a village.

AdRoll: What new marketing tools do you plan to test before the holiday season?

Kyle: We’re eying SendRoll now to see how it fits into our holiday strategy. We’re also testing various pages and on-site experiences that may change based on your referral or medium. I think I’ll do some testing around attribution and deliver a different experience depending on the source.

And we’re using a secret weapon to slice and dice our data, so we can spit out custom audiences based on behavior and click-path to Facebook, AdRoll and our email platform—Lytics. I’m excited about its potential.

AdRoll: Does your marketing mix change dramatically for Q4?

Kyle: We’re known for our boots, and that’s a fall/winter product. Add to that the peak season, and it’s a perfect storm for adding new programs to get our product in front of new eyeballs; new products in front of old customers; or formerly-engaged visitors into purchasers.

To do that, we add content marketing, prospecting, a bunch of social targeting and lots of customized content, where we may not invest as much during slower parts of the year.

AdRoll: Will you do things differently than last year’s holiday season?

Kyle: I’m not sure I will. Last year was terrific. We were ready by the time the [Starbuck’s] cup turned red. We’ll follow a similar track with a different theme and campaign. Plus, we’re adding a bunch of amazing products to the family. I can’t wait to show off what our talented designers and product team put together.