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At AdRoll, we’re passionate about making advanced marketing tools accessible to online businesses of all sizes—whether it’s for an independent jewelry store or a global electronics brand.

That’s why we built an integration for WooCommerce, the popular e-commerce platform that powers more than 37% of all online stores. With this latest integration, you’ll be able to target every site visitor with dynamic product ads on the web, in a Facebook News Feed, and even in the inbox.

On average, AdRoll’s dynamic product ads have driven a 50% lower cost-per-sale (CPS) compared to static ads. They’re our best-performing ads, and now they’re available to all WooCommerce stores, regardless of campaign size.

While we’ll happily build custom ads for you (take a peek at our gallery here), we’ve also just released a self-serve dynamic product ads builder that can help any marketer get up and running quickly.


With our new email retargeting product, SendRoll, marketers who connect AdRoll and WooCommerce can also fast-tracks their ability to send triggered emails to customers who leave their store without making a purchase.

“We’re excited when we see tools that let store owners spend less time on technical configuration and more time on growing their business. The AdRoll integration is a user-friendly way for merchants to run retargeting and dynamic product ads without the help of a developer,” said Mechiel Couvaras, business development manager at WooCommerce.


Originally, we couldn’t set up dynamic product ads for smaller advertisers because the overhead was just too high. Now, with e-commerce integrations like WooCommerce, we’re able to offer this powerful ad unit to customers without requiring any spend minimum.

“This integration is another step in our mission to make powerful marketing technology available to customers of every size. Democratizing these capabilities is a boon for small businesses, who might not have the time to learn the technology or the funds to hire a specialist. Now WooCommerce store owners can connect to AdRoll and easily create dynamic product ads within minutes,” said Adam Berke, AdRoll CMO and co-founder.

If you’re using WooCommerce and would like to give it a whirl, sign up here. If you have any questions at all, we’ll be happy to help you out at

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