Over the last month, we’ve released a number of updates to our web retargeting product. We also added integrations with two prominent sales automation platforms and a data connecting technology—helping AdRoll users create more cohesive and efficient full-funnel campaigns.

Read on to learn what’s new and what these changes mean for you.

New web Retargeting campaign creation flow

Now it’s even easier to create and edit your web retargeting campaigns. We’ve revamped the process so you can work on your strategy within one page, making it simpler to change campaign settings throughout the process.

New RT flow

Another feature wrapped into our new retargeting flow is the ability to create ad group-level geo-targeting. Each ad group can now have unique geo-targeting—helping you better measure performance by geography within a single campaign. To access this feature, navigate to the audience section within your ad group and specify the location, as shown below.

geos (1)

New web retargeting dynamic product ads in less than a minute

Most marketers don’t need a reminder to make the most of every minute. With our new Dynamic Web Ad tool, making dynamic product ads with AdRoll has never been quicker.

With our new Dynamic Web Ad tool, you can now create behavior-based ads in the AdRoll dashboard in less than a minute. (We did it in 53 seconds flat!) Our advertisers running dynamic ads powered by BidIQ have seen, on average, click-through-rates (CTR) that are 50% better and cost per click metrics (CPCs) that are 25% lower than static ad counterparts on the web*.


New CRM Segment Integrations: Salesforce, Eloqua, and Zapier

Our marketers are in at least 6 different marketing technology platforms every day but getting those different technologies to talk to one-another can be incredibly difficult. To help bridge the gap, we added integrations with two companies that are at the heart of many of marketing campaigns: Salesforce and Eloqua. With these new integrations, marketers can now easily import CRM segments from both platforms directly into AdRoll. Easily access these updates within the Labs tab in the AdRoll Dashboard. Additionally, to further connect the data pipelines, we also recently integrated with Zapier, a tool that allows marketers to create new CRM targeting segments from any other marketing platform.

*Based on Q1 2016 web retargeting stats