Product Rollup (2)

AdRoll continues to keep innovation rollin’.

This month alone, we’ve released a number of updates to the core performance engine that drives our products and we’ve developed new features that allow AdRoll users to run more efficient and flexible campaigns.

Read on to learn what’s new and what it means for you.

BidIQ Mozart

BidIQ powers all of our products behind the scenes—including retargeting, Prospecting, and SendRoll. The latest version of our proprietary algorithm incorporates more learnings, flexibility, and efficiency to bring highly-optimized performance to your campaigns.

This latest version, which we’re calling BidIQ Mozart, makes these key improvements:

  • Roughly 25% better performance: We’ve continued to improve our core predictive models across all devices to drive a roughly 25% lower average CPC than BidIQ Chopin, released last November.
  • Intelligent mobile reach: We’ve improved our mobile bidding to ensure you get scale on mobile—2x the mobile share of voice—and, more importantly, improved performance. Additionally, our newest algorithm taps into our cross-device graph, which allows you to chart customer journeys as consumers change devices.

CPC Bid Optimization


We’ve also made it easier to launch campaigns that hit your specific performance goals. Now you can select your preferred key performance indicator (KPI)—like clicks or impressions—set a CPC target, and guide BidIQ to optimize the marketing metrics that matter to your business.

To use this new feature, simply create or edit a new campaign and tell us your goal. The default setting automatically balances reach and performance to help drive the most overall value for your budget. Whatever you choose, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter how busy you get, we’re optimizing your campaign ‘round the clock.

AdRoll and Hubspot

June also marked our newest partnership, this time with leading marketing automation provider HubSpot. We’re proud that we’ve been named a HubSpot Connect partner, which means HubSpot users can now directly sync customer data and segments with AdRoll to run programmatic display campaigns informed by sales data.

This is what Senior Product Marketing Manager of HubSpot, Marcus Andrews, had to say about the partnership.

“More and more it’s critical for marketers to nurture customers with other channels than just email. AdRoll is a great, all-in-one ad solution for inbound marketers who want to get more out of their lists of leads.”

SendRoll Product Recommendations

Our newest product, SendRoll, brought the power of retargeting to the inbox in March. Months later, in June, we introduced SendRoll Product Recommendations, which curates products for shoppers based on their browsing history.


Sample SendRoll email with product recommendations.

After we launched a similar service for retargeting—called Dynamic Product Recommendations—our advertisers experienced a 2.5x boost in click-through rate (CTR) and a 50% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA).

Each new development was designed to give you more flexibility, better performance, and greater transparency into the precise impact AdRoll brings to your bottom line. Stay tuned for another update next month.