You build marketing and ad campaigns that are seamless and personal. The message is clear and crisp, and it’s targeted to the perfect audience. But once everything is up and running, you’re not quite sure if it’s working.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Marketers have struggled with this for a long time. For advertising, we often set up our tracking links (most likely click-only) and look for the answer in our analytics tools. But, even with this information, we don’t really get the full picture.

So what’s missing?

If you’re running online ads, you need to track more than just clicks. You need to see the complete customer journey if you’re going to improve it. And popular analytics tools that only track clicks miss out on the real impact of your ads.

Let’s be real: not all ads will get clicks. But, that doesn’t mean that seeing them doesn’t impact a shopper’s journey. In fact, ads that are seen, but not clicked, can be as important as other touch points in the journey.

Ads often make audiences much more familiar with your offering and nudge them to take action over time. And according to a study by Nielsen and Facebook, non-clicky users are as important as the users that click on ads. They found focusing on clicky users was 5.5x more costly*, while not actually impacting overall sales. By understanding how these ads truly impact the shopper’s journey, you’ll be able to optimize for more than just clicks.

A real-life example

We’re committed to helping commerce brands grow and agency THE, a leading full-service ad agency in Florida, is a great example of that. They’ve been blending their expertise with our platform to generate over 16x return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)* for their fast-growing e-commerce coffee store client.

How did they brew up (pun intended) such impressive results? Rather than pour over endless reports, their co-founder, Dan Scala, uses AdRoll’s attribution dashboard!

In his attribution dashboard, Dan can quickly learn which ad campaigns are contributing the most coffee sales. Based on what he finds, he can get the inside scoop on the customer loyalty and abandoned cart campaigns, which are driving the highest volume of coffee sales.

Using our new cross-channel attribution feature, he is also able to quickly see how the ads in each campaign are actually making an impact and how they are interacting with other marketing activities and channels.

In less than a minute, he finds that AdRoll ad views not only influenced clicks that he previously attributed to “Direct” channels in Google Analytics but also notices that AdRoll ads play a huge role in a lot of the conversions he’s seen this month.

Because this information is so easily accessible, he’s able to invest his time on the best performing campaigns in AdRoll and can share how each customer journey delivers revenue for his client. His customer sells more coffee, and agency THE saves several hours of reporting and manual effort. It’s a win-win!

Insights = Results

Our attribution dashboard helps agency THE deliver high-performing results for their ambitious clients. But don’t take it our word for it, here’s what Dan had to say on the attribution dashboard:

“This is an extremely cool tool for my business. It is central for agency THE to provide clients with better insights into how their marketing works and how their customers shop. With AdRoll’s attribution dashboard, we’re getting a complete picture of what’s working in a way that my clients can understand. I recommend every e-commerce store get this level of visibility.”

*Based on the average ROI for all live campaigns in 2018
*Based on Nielsen and Facebook study (2016)