A lot has changed since I joined AdRoll.  We’ve grown a ton, adding more employees,  more clients, and a lot more remote controlled helicopters. But we haven’t changed our focus, which is taking advanced display advertising techniques and making them easy to implement for brands of all sizes.

This week we pushed an upgrade to our already simple self service flow.  When we refer to our platform as self service, we are referring to the fact that you can set up, launch, and monitor a campaign without ever having to speak to a human.  We’ve got humans if you need one, but we’ve built a truly self service platform so our advertisers can get up and running on their own .  A lot of our competitors claim to be self service.  But in reality, when you try to get started, you end up filling out a contact form.  They’ve got brochure-ware.  We’ve got software.  Advantage: AdRoll.

The upgraded flow now recognizes just how advanced a user is, and provides varying levels of service.  For example, if you are launching a retargeting campaign, and you only have one list of users (like an “all users” list), our flow will recognize that, and automatically target that list.  If, however, you have multiple lists (like an “all users” list and a “shopping cart abandoner” list) then it will recognize that, and allow you to select which audience segment you would like to target for that particular campaign or ad group.  It’s pretty much self aware.  The idea is to provide more advanced options for more advanced users, while keeping the interface as simple as possible.

We’ve also added live chat via Olark.  This has been an amazing tool for helping users get set up, and allows us to provide industry leading customer service.  It is also providing a lot of insight into how we can improve the product by showing us where users are getting tripped up.


– Greg