AdRoll, the exclusive retargeting partner on Google Glass, is happy to announce EyeRoll. This groundbreaking new product is designed to account for the inevitable shift from smartphones and laptops to a world where the majority of our computing needs are met by eyeglasses.


Google Glass user Tina experiences a “full lens takeover”

EyeRoll works like this: While wearing your Google Glass, you look at something. Anything. Anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a store actively shopping, or just walking down the street and a stranger’s shoes catch your eye. It doesn’t even really matter if you mean to look at something. But when you inevitably do, AdRoll will leverage our proprietary facial response technology, RollFace, to detect in real time your interest level in whatever it is that you are looking at.

Then the magic happens. Using Big Data, Small Data, and even some Regular Sized Data (RSD), AdRoll is able to determine the optimal amount to bid for the chance to serve you an ad for whatever you are looking at while you are looking at it, right in your Google Glass. We find that this combination of the right ad served at the right time increases conversion rates 400% for the 7 people who actually have Google Glass.

Currently we are offering only one ad format for EyeRoll, the “full lens take over”. This ad unit is designed to be incredibly eye catching. In fact, it will render the user blind to everything else, ensuring 100% viewability.

In Q2 we hope to leverage RollFace and a partnership with Amazon to enable same day delivery of products that we think customers want, eliminating the need for users to actually “purchase” things. We expect that will increase conversion rates by at least 900%. Also, we’re in talks with Google about powering Self Driving Car Retargeting. The basic premise is that once you leave a physical store, AdRoll will take over control of the self driving car, and bring you right back to the store to complete the purchase.