Here at AdRoll, we strive to build marketing technology that is not only powerful and effective, but also a delight to implement and use. Recently, we had the opportunity to apply this philosophy to one of the most exciting developments in the digital advertising space in the past few years, the launch of the Facebook Exchange (FBX).

We’re pleased to announce that our early experiments in Facebook’s Alpha and Beta programs have been successful and that we’re expanding the availability of AdRoll’s retargeting product on FBX to all of our customers.

In June, AdRoll was chosen to be part of the first class of technology companies to execute real-time bidding (RTB) across Facebook’s massive ad inventory, which accounts for nearly 28% of all US display impressions according to comScore. For AdRoll’s customers, this meant that, for the first-time ever, they could extend their retargeting campaigns to Facebook.

By combining existing ad buys with real-time Facebook inventory, advertisers can now manage all performance marketing campaigns through AdRoll’s advanced, easy-to-use retargeting platform with no additional integration needed. This means a better, more holistic conversation with consumers, more optimization options, tie-in to social initiatives and, above all, better ROI.

We were able to get up-and-running very quickly due to our investment in RTB infrastructure and the hands-on support from the FBX team – from contract to first impression served took under two weeks. In the course of the last few months, we have launched campaigns for over 60 customers with more being added daily. Brands that have taken advantage of AdRoll’s retargeting on Facebook (FBX) cut across all verticals and include companies such as Room & Board, HootSuite and GoPro.

How has performance been? We’re still getting started but initial indications are very positive. Across all the campaigns we’ve run, advertisers have seen a 16x ROI based on a blended attribution model. We’re still digging into the data and developing new bidding and optimization strategies, but, any way you slice it, these initial results are extremely encouraging.

These are still the early days for RTB on Facebook, but we’re accumulating knowledge and optimizing best practices quickly. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be extending our dynamic ads product to FBX. This means that we’ll be able to display product recommendations within the ad unit based on a specific user’s browsing patterns. This will help the ads on FBX to be more relevant to users, solve the problem of generating fresh creative, and ultimately drive better performance.

FBX’s rapid launch and ramp-up are testaments to the talent of all the folks involved, both at Facebook and here at AdRoll. Much like Facebook, we pride ourselves on providing advertising solutions to brands of all sizes with user-friendly interfaces and great success metrics. We look forward to incorporating everything we’ve learned into the next generation of our FBX offering and continue to help brands take advantage of this new opportunity.

Keep Rollin’,