Artificial intelligence is everywhere—so why isn’t marketing easier?

It is, just not for everyone. For many years, only the marketing teams at huge enterprises have been able to reap the benefits. That’s because artificial intelligence, or AI, relies on extremely intelligent technology and mass amounts of data, which are both necessary to truly make marketing easier.

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves

In case you hadn’t heard, AdRoll has the most performance data of any independent ad tech player. We log over 4 trillion performance data points every day and we’ve matched over 1.2 billion online profiles to data and devices in our IntentMap—spanning every industry across the globe.

In the background, we’ve expanded BidIQ from a bidding algorithm to a fully-baked AI platform that can save you time and money. That’s right, BidIQ is the official artificial intelligence that’s built into, and powering, all four AdRoll products. And it can handle some major tasks.

How will BidIQ make marketing easier for you?

  • It gets you the most relevant audience for the best price
    Share your budget and goals, and BidIQ handles every aspect of bidding
  • It can find you new audiences that look—and act—like your customers
    BidIQ learns how your best customers behave online and finds more for you
  • It knows exactly what products to recommend and can test ads for you
    It uses behavioral data to test the products and creative that will drive tangible results
  • It can automate budgets across campaigns and channels to reach your goals
    BidIQ knows how to balance your total ad spend to drive the highest ROI

This is only the beginning

BidIQ continues to learn each day, and new capabilities are currently in development. In the last few months, it learned to power Automated Campaigns for hundreds of customers, optimizing campaigns and budgets automatically with great results.

BidIQ’s core bidding skills have also seriously improved this year. The latest advancements in BidIQ’s conversion prediction technology led to a 23% average improvement in post-click cost per acquisition over the last 4 months*.

Going forward, we will be sharing more news on BidIQ every Spring and Fall. So, be sure to look out for updates on what BidIQ learns.

* – Based on a comparison of click CPA between January 2-15 vs April 3-16 for over 6,000 web retargeting campaigns run by advertisers upgraded to new conversion prediction bidding technology