We’re always hard at work trying to make online advertising simple and effective for brands of all sizes.  With traditional display advertising, you get two main benefits — awareness and traffic.  The traffic is a simple formula of impressions times click-thru rate.  For the awareness side of the equation, it’s a little trickier.

Advertisers have long struggled with the question of “where should I advertise?”  It’s never a simple question as there are lots of things to consider.  If you just focus on sites that perform the best from a CTR standpoint, you could end up advertising on low quality sites that hurt your overall brand.  You need to make sure that you’re not advertising on low quality sites or sites with questionable content so you don’t suffer from negative brand association.

So, we’ve designed a publisher ranking system called PubScore.  PubScore is designed with the needs of niche advertisers in mind.  Let’s say your company offers healthy granola bars – you might want to make sure you have awareness on high performing sites in outdoor sports, hiking, and bicycling categories.  You also want to make sure that those sites have a good reputation with their readers.

AdRoll’s PubScore ranks every publisher website on a scale of 1-10 on two main criteria: Performance and Reputation.

Performance consists of:

    • Ad Space Quality (how many ad spaces and where on the page are they located)
    • Cost Effectiveness (what is the effective cost per click and/or cost per conversion for advertisers on this site)
    • Reach (how much traffic does the publisher have)
    • Returning Advertisers (how long do advertisers stay with the publisher)

Reputation is more focused on positive brand association and consists of:

    • Number of Campaigns (how many advertisers want to work with this publisher)
    • Popularity of site (how often is a site bookmarked, how much traffic does it receive)
    • Engagement of users
    • Peer Ratings (upon manually reviewing the site, what do other publishers in this category think?)
    • Content Safety (manual review of site for any adult or explicit content)

All of this data is aggregated into a PubScore. We also factor in relevance, which help us sites rank sites in multiple different categories.  As an advertiser, this lets you simply pick the top 10, 20, or more sites in the most relevant advertising rolls to you.  Explore the ad rolls for the best sites in each category.