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At AdRoll, we believe customers should have full control over their campaigns at all times. We’re constantly improving the AdRoll dashboard to provide users with intuitive and easy-to-use tools to help optimize campaigns and drive performance.

Here are three top AdRoll features that put control in the hands of the customer:

Advanced segmentation
Audience segmentation is key for personalized retargeting, so we’ve made the most common user segmentation options available directly in the dropdown:

  • URL: This is the standard audience segmentation option based on the specific pages they visited. For example, if you want to segment users who visited your product pages and the URLs for those pages all begin with, then you would enter the URL pattern /products*. The asterisk is a wildcard that will capture any of the specific pages that fall under products.
  • Pages viewed: Segment your audience based on the total number of pages they visited.
  • Products viewed: If you’re currently running dynamic ads, you can further segment your audience based on the number of products they viewed on your site. Contact your AdRoll rep if you want to learn more about dynamic ads.



IP address exclusion
Don’t want to pay to serve ads on networks that your potential customers aren’t likely to use? You can exclude certain IP addresses. A good start, for example, is your company’s own IP address.

Because IP addresses are allocated in blocks, we recommend excluding a range rather than an exact address. To do this, append an asterisk in the last section of the IP. For example, instead of, you should enter 133.3.6.*



Campaign start and end hour
While you’re setting up the start and end date of the campaign, you can now also set the exact start and end hour. This is especially useful when you run campaigns for big holiday kick-offs or events.


Haven’t taken advantage of these AdRoll features already? Log in to your AdRoll dashboard or connect with a rep to get started!