optimization mattersWe’re releasing a big enhancement to our advertising technology today.  Everyone knows that testing and measuring is the key to success to many marketing campaigns.
Today we’re enhancing two important optimization techniques for display advertising campaigns.

Network Budget Allocations – AdRoll allows advertisers to run campaigns across multiple ad networks. For each advertiser, some networks may perform much better than others.  We now have some smart defaults on the back-end in order to initiate campaign budgets across several networks, and then have the ability to optimize ad budgets across each network based on performance.

Ad Optimization – It’s a well-known best practice to be in some constant test mode with banner ads. Many of our advertisers have multiple versions of each ad size to perform this testing.  We’re upgrading our ad servers to perform CTR-based optimization on each of the ad sizes.  This is done by an algorithm utilizing an epsilon-decreasing function that allows for equal or fair-share testing initially and then learns which ad performs better and serves that ad more often.

Both of these features will optimize advertiser campaigns on the back-end automatically and improve performance of the campaigns.  Existing advertisers that are running multiple different ads of the same size should see a gradual improvement in the CTR as the algorithms work to improve your overall ROI.