Try follow-up emails in SendRoll today!

Sometimes, your subscribers need a little extra nudge. So why not reach them where they spend most of their day online—their inbox? Our email retargeting tool, SendRoll has been helping businesses extend their retargeting campaigns to the inboxes of potential customers—leading to higher performing campaigns.

The results? SendRoll emails are crushing it: with 40-50% open rates and 10-12% click-through rates. Why? This is because SendRoll emails are triggered to send when audience members are already interested in your business and have previously visited your site.

With such great performance, we realized we wanted to amplify SendRoll’s power: Now, instead of delivery just one email, marketers can follow up customers by sending additional emails.

What are follow-up emails from SendRoll?

Follow up emails are triggered emails that send automatically if a potential customer doesn’t click on your first message. Each subsequent email has different content (such as a promotion or an offer) to entice subscribers to come back to your site and complete a

What are the benefits of SendRoll follow-up emails?

  • More clicks and more conversions
    Subscribers are more likely to click and convert when they hear from you multiple times in a regular cadence.
  • Automatic and personalized emails
    Follow-up emails are sent automatically if there are no clicks and can be personalized to speak directly to your subscribers. For example, your follow-up email can include product recommendations for your customers based on the specific pages they viewed. And personalized messages can deliver a 6X higher transaction rates than normal messages.
  • A quick and seamless setup
    For SendRoll customers, follow-up emails can be created in as little as three clicks—no need for a complicated segmentation or a lengthy flowchart. All you need to do is pick your creative and decide how often you want your emails to be sent. We also take steps to ensure that your subscribers aren’t overwhelmed by messages; emails get turned off as soon as conversion occurs or they enter another segment.
  • Unlimited sends
    Use up to 10 follow-up templates to send to as many subscribers as you want—no list cap whatsoever. We don’t charge on volume. Instead, we charge $1 when customers actually click on an email.
  • Easy-to-understand reporting
    For those of you looking for help with understanding how well your campaigns are performing, SendRoll will provide aggregated reporting for your campaigns and emails. This will help marketers to understand what’s working and what needs improvement.

With great performance and simple implementation, we recommend every marketer take advantage of these new campaigns by sending potential customers 1-2 follow-up emails! It’ll help nudge them back to your site and complete their original purchase or conversion.  Additionally, stay tuned in the coming weeks for tips on how to best use follow-up emails.

Try follow-up emails in SendRoll today!