The New Dashboard: Redesigned from the Ground Up.

We’ve been really busy over here at ShangRolla. One of the largest projects that we’ve tackled is a complete redesign of the interface used to set up, measure, and manage your AdRoll campaigns. We’re excited to offer you access, and we hope that you’ll take it for a spin.

new blog first image wolfe

This version is just the beginning. It’s in beta, so it’s a work in progress, and there could be an occasional bug. But even in its early state, we believe that it will improve your AdRoll experience and makes it even easier to run incredibly effective campaigns. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding a ton of new features, many of which you’ve requested. We’ve also made it very easy to switch back and forth between the old and new dashboard.


At AdRoll, we truly value feedback. We could not have done this without the customers who offered up great ideas and constructive ways to improve our product. Ultimately we want to hear what you think. The more you speak up, the better we can make this. So use the feedback forum in the footer of the new dashboard. Let us know if you find bugs. Make feature requests.  And if you’ve got some great ideas, we’d love to speak to you directly. Just email and we’ll schedule a time to chat.

A few highlights:
Self service Facebook Retargeting: Easily retarget your customers on the new Facebook Exchange.


Simple-set-up 7.02.42 PM

Multi-ad upload: drag and drop multiple files or browse to select multiple ads at a time.


Multi-ad-upload at 7.01.37 PM

Simplified campaign setup and editing


SFBX Retargeting at 7.02.32 PM

Improved creative management tools