We’ve got two significant announcements today. One is designed to improve our reporting process, and the other to ensure that we’re delivering maximum value to all of our customers.

One of our team’s key goals is providing full transparency, and then empowering users to take advantage of that transparency with best-in-class reporting tools. While we consider this an ongoing, never-finished process, we have taken a major step forward today with the release of Multi-Axis Reports.

(We’d really like it if you would imagine those words are accompanied with a stirring, John Williams-style theme song).

What this means is that, for the first time, you can select two different metrics, and chart them simultaneously on multiple y-axes.

In other news, we have decided that all new campaigns will require a minimum weekly budget of $25. We use multiple ad networks, thereby maximizing our advertisers’ reach, but campaigns with sub-$25 budgets usually fall beneath the daily minimum spend required by those network partners. And because these campaigns don’t meet minimum spends, we can’t serve their ads properly. In some cases, in fact we have been prevented from serving a single impression.

Please note that these changes apply only to new accounts. Existing campaigns will not be subject to the $25 minimum cap (though unfortunately they will still be affected by the above-mentioned problems with getting their ads served). We’re still dedicated to serving advertisers at all (workable) budget levels, and will continue to keep our weekly minimum budget as low as possible without impacting our ability to run campaigns. In fact, if the situation changes, and we are again able to serve ads reliably with a sub-$25 budget, we will remove this restriction.