fbfollowup_blog (1)AdRoll’s recent “Retargeting on Facebook by the Numbers 2014” report confirmed that retargeting in Facebook’s News Feed on mobile is a cost-efficient and effective performance marketing tool. While mobile has been a hot topic among advertisers for years, now the numbers are really starting to add up.

Our 2014 report analyzed data from over 800 million impressions across 215 AdRoll advertisers running retargeting campaigns via Facebook on desktop and mobile, in addition to ad inventory across the web. Here’s what we found:

  • The CPM (cost per million impressions) of News Feed ad impressions on mobile is 57% lower than News Feed impressions on desktop.
  • Retargeting in the News Feed on mobile generates a 10% higher CTR.
  • The CPC for News Feed ads on mobile is 61% lower than News Feed ads on desktop.
  • Adding Facebook News Feed ads on mobile to a retargeting mix of Facebook on desktop and ad inventory across the web adds an average of 3.8% incremental conversions.

Not convinced mobile can really bring home the bacon?

While m-Commerce sales currently account for $40 billion a year, mobile-influenced sales have reached a total of $593 billion, according to a recent study from Deloitte. As consumer buying habits continue to shift to a multi-touch, multi-device journey, it’s important that advertisers have mobile retargeting strategies to match.

Both Facebook and Twitter are seeing strong results from their mobile ad products, citing impressive mobile revenue growth in their latest earnings reports. With 1.07 billion mobile monthly users, 62% of Facebook’s total ad revenue was attributed to mobile last quarter. Similarly, Twitter reported 81% of the company’s ad revenue in Q2 2014 came from mobile.

AdRoll’s clients have capitalized on innovations in mobile targeting across Facebook, Twitter, and the mobile web to engage customers across platforms and move the needle on key metrics for their business. For example, cycling manufacturer Trek used AdRoll’s mobile retargeting product to drive a 160% increase in app installs. Brilliant Earth, an ethically-sourced engagement ring company, worked with AdRoll to nurture shoppers across devices throughout the purchase process. Brilliant Earth’s marketing team commented, “We’re impressed by the performance of AdRoll’s Mobile Retargeting product. We’re seeing single digit click-through-rates. It’s provided additional incremental traffic and conversions to our mobile site.”

In today’s fragmented multi-device marketing landscape, every customer interaction counts on the path to purchase. We’re seeing advertisers across every industry adopting mobile campaigns and becoming more sophisticated in driving results through targeting and optimization.

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