What contributes to a user’s decision to convert on your site?

If you’re like most marketers, this can be tough to answer. Certain channels, like display and email, are easy to measure based on the actions and clicks they drive, but we often downplay the impact these channels have as touch points in more complicated customer journeys.

Introducing the AdRoll attribution dashboard

To truly know the impact of display and email – or any marketing channel for that matter – you need to understand the path your customers take and how that should impact the dollars you spend. This includes more than direct response from these channels, this is also about how these touch points interact and work together to drive more results.

Our attribution dashboard helps marketers understand the impact of their marketing campaigns across three different levels: overall insights, conversion paths, and attribution modeling.

Here’s how the attribution dashboard can help you:

  • Conversion insights
    • Gain key insights into the way your converters behave
  • Conversion paths
    • Take an inside look into the different customer paths to conversion
    • Compare different attribution models to understand how AdRoll products work together and how each model assigns credit
      Attribution modeling

We will be rolling out the new attribution dashboard to all customers over the coming weeks. Reach out to your account manager if you have any questions.


If you’d like to see where other organizations stand on attribution, be sure to check out our State of Marketing Attribution Report. We surveyed over 900 marketers from both brands and agencies to find out where they stand on with their attribution models and strategies. Get the free report below.