We’re pleased to announce some major enhancements to the AdRoll technology platform today.  We are always working to make it easier for advertisers to achieve high ROI, and this release today is a major step forward.

Segment or Group Your Visitors with a Smart Pixel
Our account technicians have been doing advanced display advertising techniques like personalized or segmented ads for a few of our advertisers on our back end.  For some advertisers, using this segmented approach achieves an ROI that is as much as 100% higher than retargeting all of a website’s visitors.

Today, we’re releasing this functionality publicly and making it available to all advertisers.

Our “smart pixel” technology is technically a pixel that loads dynamic Javascript from an AdRoll server depending on which URL is being loaded.  This usually includes a “payload” of several other pixels to allow us to place your ads across several of the major ad networks. What does that mean?  It means you only need to place a single pixel across your entire site and you can set up very simple rules to segment visitors or conversions.

In addition to being able to create and edit any conversion rules or segment rules, you can also edit the duration of the pixels.  It’s important to note that most cookies do not actually expire after the specified duration, but rather the users with those cookies will drop off the target list after the duration.  Editing the duration of your pixels is an important optimization tactic and it should be set to be similar to the average buying cycle of your customers.

Lastly, you can now see estimation of segment sizes right in the advertiser dashboard.  These are estimates based on the number of new cookies placed on browsers over the duration.  It is not an exact count of users on the list, but will give you a good idea of how your segments are working.

Contact our team for help in setting up any of these segments.

Referral Program
We have announced a referral program for all of our current users.  We rely on positive word of mouth for a large number of our new customers and we’re looking to add a little fuel to the fire.  Our referral program is geared toward any AdRoll advertiser or publisher that tells friends about our platform.  For any referrals you send us, you’ll receive 5% of their spend on AdRoll for the first 12 months after they sign up.  You can see a link to the referral program in your advertiser or publisher dashboard.

Retargeting Evaluation

Our team answers a lot of questions about what performance to expect when launching a retargeting campaign.  What budget should I set?  What CTR can I expect?  How much will the CPC be?

We’ve aggregated data over across hundreds of campaigns and used the data to put together some benchmarks in a “retargeting evaluation” page.  This calculator is intended to help new advertisers understand some average numbers so they can appropriately set expectations.  Disclaimer: obviously all companies and campaigns vary greatly.  The only way to know for sure is to test it out.  (Then measure, then optimize, then repeat, then tell all your friends about how well it works – see Referral Program above!)