Feature MailChimp blog imageEmail is one of the most widely used marketing channels. But what if you could get even more marketing reach — on different channels — from the same email lists? That idea inspired us to integrate with MailChimp, a lead email marketing platform that helps over 9 million businesses send better email. Now on AdRoll, marketers can easily target their MailChimp email lists with online display ads.

MailChimp product infographic (1)

Simply enter your MailChimp account info into the AdRoll dashboard to begin syncing your MailChimp lists with the system. AdRoll will then translate your email lists into an audience you can reach online. Lists are automatically kept up to date so that you can always reach your most recent email audience with Facebook and web* ad campaigns.

Hundreds of businesses have already found the integration to be great for:

  1. Targeting email newsletter subscribers. Most promotional emails are never opened. Reach your newsletter subscribers through display ads to engage them through another channel.
  2. Targeting email lists collected from an event or in-store promotion. These email addresses are often from people who’ve expressed interest in your brand. Keep your online store or upcoming promotion top of mind for these high-intent customers.
  3. Driving new traffic online. Leverage your email lists from webinars, events, or just about anywhere to drive new traffic to your web and mobile presence.
  4. Reaching your audience across devices. Our technology finds your email audience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, so your message best reaches your audience, wherever they browse.

If you’re a current customer, check out the AdRoll Help Center for detailed instructions on how to get started right away.

For new customers, register for an AdRoll account to try it out today!

*Currently, retargeting your MailChimp audience on web is only available in North America.