In the dynamic world of advertising and marketing technology, logo slides have become an essential tool for making sense of the fast moving industry landscape. However, since the barrier to creating a logo slide is low, we have seen a proliferation of entrants into the domain of ad tech company categorization. With the myriad options, people are increasingly unsure of which logo slide to use depending on their needs. Today, AdRoll is pleased to announce the RollScape which once and for all solves the problem of logo slide fragmentation by organizing the various logo slides into clear segments.

The feedback during our private beta has been fantastic, and we’re thrilled to make the RollScape more widely available. For example, Charles Moldow, the notable ad tech investor and #56 on this year’s Forbes Midas List said, “some people think smart ad tech investing involves diving deep into business models, careful analysis of financials, and a detailed understanding of a company’s technology. However, the truth is that the buck starts, and stops with looking at a logo slide. Now that there are so many of these slides out there, it can be difficult to know which one to use, and that makes for risky investment decisions. We were fortunate enough to beta test the RollScape and it has already become an essential tool in our firm’s investment decisions.”

Of course, we also designed this new tool for our core customer, marketers. The adoption has been fantastic among this group as well. As beta tester Evan Waters, Director of Marketing at put it, “there are so many fantastic marketing tools available, but the problem we’ve had is that it’s hard to know which tool to use to decide on the ideal tool for us. Finally, AdRoll has created a tool that helps us pick the right tool for finding the tool our marketing team needs.”

Whether you’re an investor, marketer, corp dev, or a reporter trying to find just the right way to make a point about how confusing the ad tech landscape is, we hope the RollScape is the solution you’ve been looking for. Feel free to download the official version below and share with your team, friends, and loved ones. They’ll thank you for helping them understand the complex world of logo slides.

RollScape 2015

Click the image for the full RollScape experience.