At AdRoll, we’ve spent over ten years providing businesses a robust set of full funnel marketing solutions for all stages of their customer journey. In order to bring the power of these solutions to as wide an audience as possible, today we’re happy to announce the launch of AdRoll Platform as a Service (PaaS). With this new model, companies can select and choose the very best of AdRoll’s performance marketing solutions through our API’s and integrate those offerings directly into their own platforms.

By adding a performance marketing layer directly into another platform, companies have the ability to offer their customers a new way to increase their ROI, engage with their customers, complement their existing product offering, and unlock their customer data that exists within their co-op.

A number of customers have already integrated directly with our PaaS, and the results tell the story. Engagement, revenue, and stickiness have all increased since their integration with AdRoll PaaS.

Here is what is now possible by using AdRoll APIs:

  • Rent the Platform:
    • Companies can power their platforms natively with AdRoll performance marketing solutions, like prospecting, retargeting, and email.
    • AdRoll PaaS complements existing product offerings and gives potential customers more reasons to visit a company’s site.  
    • Through our API’s, you can now access AdRoll’s performance marketing solution
  • Partners in Success
    • With over 30,000 customers and a 10+ year track record, you can work with a dedicated team that is available to offer strategic advice & best practices and train your teams to sell AdRoll products
    • AdRoll PaaS developers are ready to help with applications and deployment
  • Generate new revenue & grow your stack
    • Access a brand new revenue stream by integrating with AdRoll platform
    • Compliment your tech stack with AdRoll’s adtech offering
    • Access AdRoll’s robust list of inventory partners which include 500 ad exchanges across the web, social, and mobile

Case Study: Springbot 

Springbot, a marketing automation software platform, was one of our early adopters pioneering the way forward with integrating our technology stack directly into their platform via AdRoll Platform API’s.

Since then, they’ve been able to offer both web and social performance marketing solutions like retargeting to all of the customers on their platform.  Together, we are empowering online businesses to reach their site visitors and convert customers further down the funnel. You can view the full case study here.

We’ve love to hear from you! If you’re interested in adding performance marketing solutions like web and social prospecting, retargeting, and email to your technology stack, please check out our Platform as a Service page.