Up until now, the most effective way for agencies to manage web and social display has not always been the easiest.

The most effective agencies are able to drive real impact for every client, every time. But, often this level of service takes huge investments in time and technology. We are excited to announce the launch of AdRoll’s Agency Dashboard, a new solution that is designed to help agencies drive these effective results with less hassle for their teams.

The Agency Dashboard is a new AdRoll experience that unlocks a variety of advanced capabilities and control. For agencies, we have made it possible to manage every client and campaign in one place. From tracking goals to pacing budgets, the Agency Dashboard allows agencies to identify the clients or campaigns that need their attention and why.

We are enabling agencies to use technology to drive better, faster results.

Along with this new dashboard, we are giving agencies access to the technology and resources they need to provide more value to clients with less man-hours. We’ve unlocked advanced features, like 3rd-party ad tag uploads and our dynamic ad builder, to help agency teams have more control over their clients’ campaigns.

Agencies are also able to integrate AdRoll accounts into several cross-channel reporting platforms – including TapClicks, Datorama, and Funnel.io – to get clients data their way. At the same time, we are giving them access to Automated Campaigns and more technology that helps automate campaign set up, budget allocation, and even optimization.

All this comes with a new AdRoll Academy, full of in-depth resources for agencies to become AdRoll experts faster and more scalably. Beyond providing the best performance, we are committed to providing the right technology and support to empower agencies to work more efficiently.

Spectra by Comcast Spectator, an industry leader in hosting and entertainment, uses the Agency Dashboard to deliver great results for event and experience clients that service millions of visitors every year.

“The Agency Dashboard saves us so much time. We’re able to see all of our campaigns, whereas before we’d have to go back and forth between profiles and spreadsheets,” said Zaundra Butler, senior digital media specialist at Spectra by Comcast Spectacor. “Now, we can stay on top of everything, making sure that we can tackle both long and short campaigns and are always hitting budget.”

The Agency Dashboard is available in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Learn how to get started here.