At AdRoll, transparency has always been a core value. This value shapes day-to-day interactions within the company, and it guides us as we build products for our customers.

Transparency matters. And the recent news regarding litigation between two of our respected competitors highlights why. Recently, Business Insider reported on a lawsuit and subsequent countersuit, filed between Criteo and Steelhouse that alleged that each company had been engaging in fraudulent attribution practices. We will have to wait to see how that plays out, and will withhold judgement until more information surfaces. But, we do think that it highlights the need for increased transparency in marketing tech—an industry too often dominated by black box solutions and siloed data.

Two recent releases highlight our commitment to transparency: AdRollSQL and TrailDB.

AdRollSQL sends your AdRoll performance data (impressions, clicks, conversions, etc.) to a Redshift or Postgres database that you host. It’s an easy way to extract, transform and load your AdRoll data into other data sets. It’s incredibly granular information, and allows you to run your own analysis to determine how much value AdRoll is bringing to your business. To access, visit Labs in the drop down at the top of the AdRoll Dashboard.

Additionally, we recently open sourced TrailDB, a library that we developed in-house and use to make sense of event data. TrailDB allows us to look at every event on a cookie, from an ad view to an ad click, a site visit to a conversion. In the case of the Steelhouse fraud accusations, it would allow you, as a marketer, to monitor the touch points from each vendor to ensure that nothing nefarious is going on. We built it to better understand our own performance, however we hope others use it to hold us and other vendors accountable.

We have another core value at AdRoll: Do right by the customer. In marketing tech, we enter into a contract with our customers, in which they give us money with the expectation that we will provide value for their business. That’s our commitment, and transparency allows our customers to ensure that we’re honoring it.