Did you know that Shopify customers who use the AdRoll integration saw an average 9.5x return on ad spend?

If you’re an online retailer, chances are, you’re using one of the many e-commerce platforms to manage your online store.

AdRoll has partnered with a number of e-commerce platforms so that online merchants can access adtech solutions to solve issues like shopping cart abandonment and feature product recommendations directly in their e-commerce platform of choice.

Today, we’d like to highlight one of our top e-commerce partners: Shopify.

We’re excited to partner with Shopify because we believe that our focus on providing retailers the tools needed to grow and scale their business is complimentary.

With AdRoll’s integration on the Shopify app store, Shopify merchants can access the full suite of AdRoll’s retargeting products – from web, mobile & social, and email.

Try out AdRoll for Shopify today!

Thousands of AdRoll customers are using the Shopify integration today and that number is growing. In fact, online retailers boast that AdRoll is easy to set-up and use, and performance has directly contributed to the growth of their business.

Merchants can turn on the AdRoll app today from their Shopify store, and within minutes install all of the product features available and start running campaigns without any developer resources. At AdRoll, we build products with the customers in mind, and we believe in making user experiences seamless and easy. We’ve made a number of improvements over the last year – and plan to make many more based on feedback from retailers today.

Some of the many benefits that you get today with AdRoll on Shopify:

Shopping Cart Abandonment 
Segment Creation
When using AdRoll on Shopify, target audience segments are automatically created. This means online retailers can run campaigns and show ads to visitors based on a number of criteria like shopping cart abandoners, visitors of specific product pages, and previous purchasers.

Product Recommendations
Dynamic Ads
With AdRoll, you’ll benefit from have access to our product recommendations algorithm feature. We’ll automatically synchronize your product feed catalog which will allow you to build dynamic ads that feature personalized product recommendations.

Log on to Shopify today, and you’ll be able to start running campaigns in a matter of minutes by installing the AdRoll app.

Try out AdRoll for Shopify today!