It’s been a while, but it’s time to pump some life back into this blog. We’ve been so heads down building sweet new features for the past several months, that we forgot to talk about them.

This week we had our first push on our new release cycle.  We have switched from a one week release cycle to a two week cycle. We are still pushing new software every week, but we’ve added a week buffer between committing to our test environment and pushing to production. Dev is stoked.

This week we released our new, robust retargeting segments page. This new page allows advertisers to see how many people were added to each of their audience segments each day.  Users can also manage their segmentation from this page, keeping everything in one place.  Its a pretty sleek interface, and we’ll continue to improve upon it once we’ve been able to observe some user interaction.

We’ve also unleashed our conversion tracking product to the world. After comprehensive testing, we are confident that our data is accurate, and excited to share it with our advertisers.  Advertisers can now track view through and click through conversions for their campaigns, ad groups, and ads.  It’s pretty cool to see the direct impact of a performance display campaign on the bottom line of our advertisers.

The other major addition to AdRoll this week is KISSmetrics, which is a really easy to implement analytics solution.  We have just started banging around with it, but so far it seems pretty awesome.  We’ll keep an eye on which pages seem to be giving users trouble, and use that information to improve the usability of our product.

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to over here.