We’ve streamlined the process of setting up a Facebook ad campaign with AdRoll. Your advertising goals inspired us to tweak our workflow, which should result in better campaign performance while still giving you full control.

Appcues Screen 1Our beta testers have benefitted from improved Facebook ad placement that is auto-optimized for maximum reach and better performance.

So, what’s changed?

  • One campaign to rule them all: Previously, you’ve had to create different campaigns based on each Facebook placement (i.e., News Feed Ads, Right-Hand Column Ads, and Mobile Ads). Now you can create just one campaign to run across all three placements. Just choose the goal of your campaign (Generate Clicks to Website or Drive Mobile App Install) and choose Show Ads Everywhere.


Appcues Screen 3


  • Little button, big results: Facebook call-to-action buttons have a proven track record when it comes to lifting performance, so we’ve made it easier to add a relevant call-to-action button in your ads.


Appcues Screen 4


We’re the experts when it comes to high-performing Facebook ads, and we’re always looking for ways to bump up your ad visibility and improve your customer experience.

Want to learn more about Facebook advertising, ad placements, or Facebook best practices? Check out our support center or login and try it out now.