No two shoppers are the same. Why then, should different shoppers see the same ads?

Dynamic product ads allow advertisers to create relevant, custom ads based on each site visitors’ shopping behavior—at scale. Starting today, Shopify customers can launch these ads on Facebook—the largest social networking site in the world. Advertisers who have so far used dynamic product ads have seen on average click-through rates (CTRs) double and cost per action (CPA) drop by half, compared to static Facebook ads.

Getting set up is incredibly easy, and here are some reasons you should try launching Facebook for Dynamic Product Ads feature in the AdRoll dash:

Use Your Existing Images

Pulling together new creative can be a hassle, and we hate hassles. That’s why dynamic product ads don’t require you to design ads—we’ll pull images directly from your catalog. All you have to do is input the accompanying copy.

Easy Setup

You can quickly whip up ad templates with our easy ad builder. Choose from multi-product, carousel ads or single-product ads.

Hands-free Ad Detail Updating  

Prices, features, product details and stock fluctuate frequently in e-commerce storefronts, which often make it difficult to keep them current. Our integration automatically syncs with changes in your shop’s offerings, so your ads are always fresh.

Personalized Recommendations

dpa multi preview

Carousel ads have the ability to showcase multiple products, but sometimes a shopper will only browse a couple of items. With our product recommender, we’ll showcase the items your shopper was interested in alongside related items based on the shopper’s browsing behavior.

Dynamic product ads are currently exclusive to AdRoll customers with Shopify integrations. We’ll be rolling them out more widely—for customers with product feeds—in coming months. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide for Shopify and AdRoll customers ready to launch a dynamic product ad campaigns. Install the AdRoll for Shopify app to get started.